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About PARA

Brett Nease - Hallam, PA, and Kathleen (Kathy) Rothenberger – Mountville, PA are the cofounders of PARA, or the Paranormal Activity Research Association and their main goal is to bridge the communication gap between the living and the deceased. Brett and Kathy share theories and philosophies regarding the paranormal.

Brett’s interest in the paranormal peaked many years ago, when experiencing paranormal events firsthand while staying at the infamous Cashtown Inn, outside of Gettysburg. Not only did he experience things in Gettysburg, but he began noticing the region is filled with history and holds many paranormal possibilities. Having spent two nights at the Inn and experiencing unexplainable footsteps as well as having an Anniversary cake flung to the floor. Brett began focusing on the paranormal.

His scientific mind grappled with the theories of Quantum physics and he needed to gather information personally. He began purchasing IR (infra red) cameras for video and most recently a “still” camera that was reconstructed for IR photography. It is believed that apparitions can be seen more clearly in this limited spectrum. A favorite tool for them has been the DVR or digital voice recorder for obtaining EVPs. As defined by the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena EVP “are voices detected in electronic devices that cannot be currently explained with known physical principles.” Though some deny these voices occur as a form of communication. Brett and Kathy can demonstrate they have obtained direct answers to specific questions. There is no denying that there is an intelligent form of communication going on.

A little more about Kathy…born Kathleen Kreiter to George and Elsie Kreiter of Honesdale, PA. She has always been able to “sense” things. Her brothers, Dave and Bill are also quite sensitive and has noticed it seems to have a genetic predisposition.

Kathy has been studying parapsychology on her own time for many years. It was difficult growing up with abilities that no one wanted to talk about, or everyone kept calling her “crazy”. For a period of time she tried to actually “turn it off”. She just wanted a “normal” life and by the time she went to college, she wanted to start with a clean slate. It did not last, she had numerous paranormal experiences during her first year of college and it continued to strengthen through her college career. There was one circumstance, coming from a very small town in the Poconos, she felt like the quiet little, “country mouse”. She met a man that her “inner voice” kept warning her to steer clear, she ignored it, thinking it was her own naiveté and inexperience around foreign people.( He was from the Mid East) Even though she spent some very innocent time with this man, he later brutally attacked her . It was a learning experience like no other. Kathy embraces “the gift” with that wisdom. Realizing that our psychic sensitivity IS our “survival instinct” and as a species we have chosen to ignore that instinct and some have lost that ability all together.

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